Enduro-UT System


A waterproof reinforced deck system used on elevated concrete or exterior grade plywood substrates as a waterproof membrane that tile can be thin-set directly onto

  • Fast Drying

  • Flexible

  • Durable

  • Environmentally safe


Enduro-UT Features

Enduro-Flex Cement (EFC-UL98) PowderEnduro-Flex Acrylic Polymer(EFL-UL94) Liquid - A two component cementitious and acrylic emulsion flexible waterproof coating system.

This system is designed to waterproof concrete and steel as a basecoat for the Enduro UT (Under Tile) Waterproofing System and Enduro Waterproof Traffic Coating System.

Enduro-Kote Cement (EKC) PowderEnduro-Kote Emulsion (EKL) Liquid - A two component premixed uniform blend of Portland cements and graded washed silica aggregates with a liquid polymer modifier. Suitable for interior or exterior use, this waterproof topping compound can be used for renovation and new construction.