Enduro-Lastic System


Waterproof Deck/Pedestrian Coat­ing System reinforced with a fiberglass, multi-directional chopped strand mat designed for use over new construction and reconstruction applications on many types of surfaces

  • Economical

  • User Friendly 

  • Fast Drying

  • Zero VOC 

  • Labor Saving    


Enduro-Lastic Knockdown texture in Concrete Grey.

Enduro-Lastic Features

Enduro-Lastic (ELA) is a one component modified polymer binder designed for use with a fiberglass chopped-strand mat on interior and exterior pedestrian surface.  + .75 oz. Fiber Glass, Multi-Directional Chopped Strand Mat (Not an Enduro manufactured product but sold in system)

Enduro-Kote Cement (EKC) PowderEnduro-Kote Emulsion (EKL) Liquid - A two component premixed uniform blend of portland cements and graded washed silica aggregates with a liquid polymer modifier. Suitable for interior or exterior use, this waterproof topping compound can be used for renovation and new construction. 

Enduro-Kote Sealer (EKS) - A high performance epoxy-fortified acrylic coating designed for interior and exterior use. It is a durable, abrasion resistant, fluid applied coating for pedestrian surfaces.