Enduro Products was established in 1983 as a manufacturer of waterproof, fire rated traffic coatings, designed for new construction and reconstruction projects. Application Guidelines and Specifications are available on this web site. For additional information, please contact info@endurokote.com.
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Enduro-Kote is designed for plywood substrates, and as a part of ICC-ES . Evaluation Service, Inc.(ICC-ES) Evaluation Report Number 2245, the system has a Class A Roof Classification and is One Hour Fire Resistive over 5/8" exterior grade plywood with 2x10, or 2x8 floor joists spaced 16" on center.
Enduro-Flex Kote is designed for non combustible substrates of structural grade concrete or steel, and is also a part of ICC-ES Report Number 2245.
Enduro-Lastic is designed for use over many types of surfaces and substrates. Enduro-Lastic is utilized on new construction projects, and is ideal for re-construction of elastomeric and exposed aggregate systems, modified cementitious systems, Magnesite / Diato, concrete toppings over structural concrete, etc.
Enduro-Dek Decorative Coatings may be applied as a substitute for the final Texture Coat of the Enduro-Kote, Enduro-Flex Kote, or Enduro-Lastic Systems.
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