Enduro-Flex Kote is designed for noncombustible substrates of structural grade concrete or steel, and is also a part of ICC-ES Report Number 2245. The Enduro-Flex Kote System has a Five Year Limited Warranty.

Enduro-Flex Kote Advantages

  • Fast drying characteristic does not delay job completion
  • Long term maintenance is minimal
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
Step 1: Enduro-Flex is first applied with a "V" notched trowel.
Step 2: It is troweled smooth to a minimum of 1/16-inch thick.
Step 3: Enduro-Kote is troweled over the Enduro-Flex Kote.
Step 4: The texture coat is sprayed over the second coat.
Step 5: The texture is formed by a trowel to create the walking surface.
Step 6: The acrylic color coat is applied over the textured walking surface.
(PDF Downloads)
1. Product Guide Specification
2. Application Guideline
3. ICC-ES Report Number 2245
4. L.A. Research Report